Calenda Maia Medieval Music and Theater

We are Calenda Maia, a medieval group, dedicating our time to study, perform and diffuse music, theater, life and culture of this magic era. Since 1988 we offer our concerts in schools, universities, theaters, events, marriages, dinners, celebrations and all kind of cultural productions In Santiago de Chile. We are very proud to remember more than one thousand exhibitions. The Calenda Maia has been in New York, Europe (Spain, France, Germany), three times in Italy (Venece, Asis, Rome), Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and of course along all the land of Chile, including Eastern Island. Our principal musical area is between 10th and 14th century: dances, stampies, saltarellos and ductias, alba and ballad, gregorian chant, cantigas of Alfons X the Wise, italian laudes, troubadoures and minstrel, german minnesinger, chants of Hildegard of Bingen, melodies from Codees Carmina Burana or Libre Vermell. We possess an extensive collection of instruments, all as well as exact replicas of medieval instruments: harp, recorders, bagpipe, psaltery, hurdy gurdy, portativ, bells, carillon, darabukkas, drums, cymbals, fiddle, rebec, crumhorn and others. Our programs are turning around special themes like: “Wine in the medieval culture”, “Symphonia of Hildegard of Bingen”, About kings, witches and love“, “Saint Francis of Asís celebrates nativity”, “Eastern celebration”, “Poets and troubadours”. In the future we want to extend this page, meanwhile we invite you to have a look at the spanish links, there you can find a lot of photos of the group and you can listen to some record production Contact us:




Calenda Maia. Resolución Minima 800 x 600.

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